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WOW Factor Collective

Candle Making with Dierdre Barnes and Breketa Goodwin

Candle Making with Dierdre Barnes and Breketa Goodwin

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Join us for an evening of candle making with Dierdre Barnes, the talented owner of F.L.Y Girl Candles, and joined by the inspiring Breketa Goodwin. This two-hour workshop is designed to empower and uplift guests through the art of candle making and self-reflection.

During the workshop, you will embark on a journey of self-discovery and self-love. You will begin by engaging in a self-love worksheet and affirmation cards, allowing you to explore their desires and intentions. This introspective exercise sets the foundation for creating a candle that truly embodies your unique journey!

Next, you will dive into the exciting process of finding your perfect scent! With a wide range of high-quality fragrance oils to choose from, you'll have the opportunity to create a scent that resonates with your personal preferences that evokes feelings of self-love and positivity.

Once the scent is chosen, participants will mix their own candle, carefully pouring the wax and fragrance into your provided container. As your candle sets, you will have the chance to unleash your creativity by designing your own personalized candle label. As the candles continue to solidify, you will gather around your tables and share your worksheet and affirmation card experiences with fellow guests. 

To add the finishing touches, you will have access to a variety of decorative elements, such as gold flakes and dried florals. These embellishments will enhance the beauty and uniqueness of each self-love candle, making it a true reflection of your inner light!

By the end of the workshop, you will leave with a one-of-a-kind self-love candle, infused with your intentions, personal scent, and adorned with meaningful decorations. This workshop is not only an opportunity to create a beautiful candle but also a chance to cultivate self-love, connect with others, and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery. 


Wednesday May 22nd, 2024



WOW Factor Collective 

Micro Event Space + Creative Studio for Creators and Celebrators

822 E Market St. Louisville, KY 40206


I am Dierdre Barnes owner of FLY Girl Candles and a mom of two kiddos. I grew up in Mt, Sterling Ky and graduated with a bachelor’s in business from the University of Louisville. I have always wanted a life of a business owner so I can create and design my own schedule. 

 While on my self love journey and having a love for candles I had a friend tell me about candle making. Dec 2019 I purchased my candle kit. The process was therapeutic and I loved having an end product in which I gifted to others.


The FLY stands for “First Love Yourself” because of my self love journey. Each candle is named after selfcare/selflove. The candles are soy based therefore ecofriendly and sustainable which means it burns clean and slow. I am excited for you to light your candle and have a FLY experience.


Breketa Goodwin (𝐁𝐫𝐞𝐞) is a woman on the greatest journey ever.... the journey back to herself. Bree is a woman who has decided to love boldly, heal fearlessly and transform unapologetically one day at a time! ⁣
Bree is a Spiritual Consultant /Speaker/Self-Love Coach and advocate. She loves working with other bomb ass individuals along their journey of self-discovery and recovery. She does so, through intuitive coaching, workshop, energy healing, movement , meditation and all things unicorns, rainbows and MF sunshine! ⁣

Breketa is the founder of I Am Breketa Goodwin a brand dedicated to creating spaces to inspire, empower and connect people from all backgrounds to

• Heal boldly: as healing is not for the weak.

• To love radically: Starting with your own reflection. 

• To Transform unapologetically- Because you are deserving and worthy 
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