let's get a little bit extra

On a mission to upgrade your events

We're not your average creative agency. It all started with our sister brand Woman-Owned Wallet, quite a few viral videos on TikTok, super loud + colorful events, and a community of women we're pretty obsessed with. And that's how we decided to start our very own creative agency.

Our mission is to elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary with unique strategies that are backed by creative direction & design to bring results that remain true to the vision of your project. We're here to be the cherry on top of your project, you can expect eye catching visuals in addition to a lot of fun! By focusing on identifying what makes something "wow"-worthy, our team is dedicated to crafting engaging moments for your events!



With fifteen years of entrepreneurial experience and a dedication to elevating women, Amanda has become a driving force behind Louisville's woman-owned movement. To realize her mission of empowering women, Amanda has created successful ventures such as Woman-Owned Wallet, Woman-Owned Wallet: The Podcast, The Woman-Owned Walking Tour of Nulu and now WOW Factor Collective. Amanda is excited to open WOW Factor's studio to the community and connect with more entrepreneurs than ever before!



Adrienne has been working alongside Amanda for the past five years and has been instrumental in helping launch the WOW brand. With a creative background, Adrienne has used her skill set in many ways over this time period, discovering new roles and moving up within the company. She now holds the role of Chief Operating Officer of both Woman-Owned Wallet and WOW Factor Collective! Being a daughter of entrepreneurial parents has given her a special appreciation for supporting small businesses, an endeavor she now gets to experience on a daily basis.

our own wow factors

  • Making our customers say wow at every turn

  • Bringing a wow factor to our community

  • Putting on the most wow worthy events

  • Helping you build a brand with wow factor

  • Showing up as our our most "wow" selves