photo studio designed to wow

The most vibrant studio space in all of Louisville

The WOW Factor Studio is unlike any other photo studio in Louisville!

Our multifunctional studio can meet a variety of needs for your next photo or video shoot. We have multiple backdrops set up in the studio, as well as, a variety of interchangeable backdrops for you to use.

You and your team can utilize all of the backdrops as well as have a comfortable space to spend the day with bathrooms, a kitchen, dressing rooms, and props available for your use during your rental.

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a sneak peak of the space

the wow factors

  • Colorful spaces for creative shoots

    You won't find any stark white walls in this studio! We've thoughtfully designed & created a studio that offers a variety of vibrant backdrops including: interchangeable archways along a greenery wall, hand-painted inspirational murals, feminist icon lounge, and a pink kitchen with 3D red lip art installation!

  • Access to props and 20+ backdrops

    We want to make your creative process smooth & simple and that means saying goodbye to packing around a million items! For your convenience, the use of our prop & equipment supply is included in all hourly rentals. Wow Factor has backdrop stands with 20+ interchangeable 5x7 and 8x8 colorful backdrops.

  • Various furniture + seating options

    From the velvet furniture in our lush lounge to the post-modern dining set in our pink packed kitchen, you'll find unique seating options to utilize throughout the studio. Utilize our furniture or bring your own with our easy to load-in first floor private photo studio.

  • a truly multifunctional space

    One thing we didn't want to do when creating this studio was limit its opportunities for use. It's ground level entry and open floor plan make it easy to accommodate the needs of your project- whatever they may be! The open floorplan allows for 24ft x 24 ft open space for your projects.

frequently asked questions

Will there be a WOW Factor employee present during my private photo studio rental?

Yes. WOW Factor will always have an employee present at WOW Factor during all rentals to ensure rules are being followed, backdrops and props are being used and returned, and to answer any questions during your rental. WOW Factor Employee will be available but will mostly remain out of the way or working in our attached offices to give the photo studio some relative privacy.

Minimum hour requirements?

WOW Factor requires a minimum of two hours for private photo studio rentals. This is from the time you walk into the door to the time you exit the studio.

Set up and breakdown time?

Private studio rentals are offered by the hour. When renting the private studio space, there is not a difference in pricing or extra time allotted for set up and break down. Consider renting the space for an additional hour to ensure you have enough time for your set up break down and shooting time.

Smoke? Glitter? Making a mess?

WOW Factor does not allow smoke bombs, glitter, confetti or anything that could damage our space for and photo studio rentals or event rentals.

Is there a steamer, dressing room, bathroom, kitchen?

Yes! WOW Factor has all of these items included in the private photoshoot rental.

Will items be set up for me when I arrive?

Since the WOW Factor space offers so many different backdrops and props, all items will remain in their storage space when you arrive and are expected to be returned at the end of your private studio rental.