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WOW Factor Collective

Learn to Love Your Wallet - Funding Your Business with Amanda Dare

Learn to Love Your Wallet - Funding Your Business with Amanda Dare

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Fall in love with your wallet by learning how to marry, date, or kill different business funding options. 💰❤️ 

We will explore your red and green flags when it comes to taking on business funding! What are the red flag, the cons, and green flags, the pros, of each type of business funding!

Take it from a woman who has made all the money mistakes so you don't have to make the same mistakes!

Storytelling and Gossiping about Amanda Dare's Business funding with be a dose of talking about her exes, since she has had more funding partners than romantic partners!

Come for the stories, sips, and snacks and stay for the sexy hot gossip about all the funding options you have for your business!



Wednesday April 3rd, 2024



WOW Factor Collective 

Micro Event Space + Creative Studio for Creators and Celebrators

822 E Market St. Louisville, KY 40206


Meet Amanda Dare

Amanda Dare has been a serial entrepreneur for 15 years! She started her first business in her dorm room at University of Louisville, where she graduated with two degrees, neither of which were for business. She started selling headbands that the taught herself to make and continued on to have a storefront within 6 months of making her first product.

With 15 years between the first headband to now owning Woman-Owned Wallet and WOW Factor Collective there is a juicy story that is hers alone! She took the path unpaved and has continued to be a disruptor and early adaptor in business, being able to see a business vision for the future before her counterparts. This journey was aided by multiple funding partners and sugar daddy scam DMs. Who knew that she would make it through this interesting journey... well Amanda did. 

Amanda knows that failing fast and face first is one of the quickest ways to move through and challenge. She has a unique perspective and can help you lower your walls around business funding and make sure you are able to feel neutral with your bank accounts! 

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