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WOW Factor Collective

Learn to Create Your Vision of Love - Vision Board Workshop with Holly Hartman

Learn to Create Your Vision of Love - Vision Board Workshop with Holly Hartman

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Are you ready to sprinkle some magic into your love life and manifest the relationship of your dreams?

Picture this: cozy vibes, delightful sips, and scrumptious snacks, all while diving into the transformative power of creating your very own LOVE Vision Board. 

Yep, you heard that right – we're talking about manifesting LOVE, baby!

But wait, there's more! Before the event, you'll receive a printable guided LOVE workbook to kickstart your journey. Then, during our guided Vision Board Workshop, we'll focus on all things love – whether it's cultivating self-love, attracting your soulmate, or nurturing your current relationship.

No worries about supplies – everything you need will be provided, along with plenty of manifesting mojo, a sprinkle of meditation, and a dash of community connection. Plus, feel free to bring along any pictures, stickers, or washi tape that speak to your heart and make your vision board uniquely yours!

By the end of the evening, you'll not only have your own personalized love board but also a heart full of inspiration, new gal pals, and a roadmap to your romantic dreams.

So, what are you waiting for? Let's infuse some love into your life and create magic together! Secure your spot now and get ready for a night filled with laughter, love, and limitless possibilities. See you there! ✨💌🌟


Holly Hartman, Vision Board Expert and Master Manifestor


Wednesday March 13th, 2024



WOW Factor Collective 

Micro Event Space + Creative Studio for Creators and Celebrators

822 E Market St. Louisville, KY 40206



Printable Guide

8x10 Board


Colored Paper



Sips and Snacks


Meet Holly 

With a heart as expansive as her vision, Holly Hartman epitomizes the essence of community building and connection. As a Certified Vision Board Pro Group Facilitator and Certified Life Transformation & Relationship Coach, Holly has dedicated over six years to guiding individuals on journeys of self-discovery and empowerment through transformative Vision Board Workshops. Her unwavering belief in the power of manifestation has not only fueled her personal growth but also inspired others to manifest their dreams.

In addition to her professional endeavors, Holly radiates positivity and resilience in her personal journey. As a single mother of two remarkable boys, she courageously navigated through adversity, leaving behind an toxic relationship to create a life filled with boundless joy and fulfillment. Through her innate ability to connect and uplift others, Holly has cultivated many thriving communities, with over 35,000 people in her supportive networks, and is the cofounder and CMO of The WO Network: Women Leaders of Louisville. Furthermore, Holly is a prolific author, self-publishing three books last year that explore themes of self-care, self-celebration, and fostering creativity in relationships. Her magnetic energy and passion for empowering women to step into their greatness make her a true beacon of inspiration. Holly Hartman's journey is a testament to the transformative power of community, connection, and unwavering belief in the limitless possibilities of the human spirit.

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