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WOW Factor Collective

Improv to Improve - Self Love Talk with Betty Jeune

Improv to Improve - Self Love Talk with Betty Jeune

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Join us for an empowering and interactive event designed specifically for women!

Experience the transformative power of improv as we delve into exploring self-care and healing. This unique event will provide a safe and supportive space for women to connect, share, and grow together. Through engaging improv exercises and thought-provoking discussions, you’ll discover new ways to nurture your well-being and foster personal growth.

Expect to:

  • Learn practical techniques to prioritize your mental, emotional, and physical health in a fun and engaging environment.

  • Share experiences, insights, and strategies with like-minded women who understand the unique challenges you face.

  • Improv will help you tap into your inner artist and boost your confidence, self-expression, and communication skills.

  • Laughter and play are powerful tools for reducing stress and promoting overall well-being.Be prepared to shed some stress!

  • Strengthen your network of supportive, empowered women who are committed to personal growth and self-improvement.

Don’t miss this opportunity to laugh, learn, and grow with a community of inspiring women. Register now and join us for an unforgettable experience that will leave you feeling refreshed, empowered, and ready to embrace life’s challenges with grace and resilience.


Wednesday February 28th, 2024 (RESCHEDULED due to illness)

Wednesday, March 20th, 2024



WOW Factor Collective 

Micro Event Space + Creative Studio for Creators and Celebrators

822 E Market St. Louisville, KY 40206

Meet Betty

Betty Jeune is a multi-talented professional known for her diverse skill set and passion for various creative pursuits. As an improviser, she has honed her ability to think on her feet and adapt to any situation, bringing a sense of spontaneity and creativity to her work. Her expertise as a facilitator allows her to guide and inspire others, fostering an environment of collaboration and innovation. Additionally, her experience as an actor has provided her with a deep understanding of storytelling and the ability to inhabit different characters with authenticity. As a photographer, she captures the unique beauty of her subjects through her lens, showcasing  uncommon perspectives and moments in time. Betty‘s journey as a multi-passionate professional has been marked by a commitment to continuous growth and learning. Her ability to seamlessly transition between different roles reflects her versatility and adaptability, making her a valuable asset in any creative or collaborative setting.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Betty is also a veteran and a dedicated mother of two sons who are her own personal in house mentors on the art of improvisation. She is a proud band nerd and member of RavenClaw house. While still relatively new to Louisville, it is her desire to connect with even more of the amazing people who call this city home.

Whether she is engaging audiences through improvisation or live comedy, guiding teams as a facilitator, bringing characters to life, capturing captivating images behind the camera, or nurturing her family, Betty‘s passion for creativity and connection shines through in all aspects of her life.

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